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Credit Card Update

Please update your credit card information in the form below. All information submitted from this page is SECURE and ENCRYPTED.If you prefer to send your information using an alternative way, you are welcome to mail or fax your information to the below address.We don't take this information over the phone, if you would like to send your information by email, please use this form below instead.

Why are we asking you for your credit card information?

You were asked for this information because you could be enrolled in one or more than one of the services below:

  • Annual Payroll Processing Fee
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Agent of Service
if you are not sure in which service you are subscribed, please feel free to contact us at 818 995 1027

DEADLINE April 18th 2022

STOP!!!!!! Please Read!!!!

As of today, we DON'T have any more appointments available.

What's next?

  • We are offering to file an Extension on your behalf. If you would like to proceed, please call the office at 818 995 1027

  • Feel free to upload your documents anytime, but remember we will not be filing your taxes, Please Call the Office

  • If you already sent your documents and/or are in the process of filing your taxes, please click "Accept and Continue" to login into your account

Sorry for the inconvinance