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What's New for this year

How can I schedule my appointment?


For your security and ours, this year we are not giving face to face appointment, here is the way how we will be working.

• Before you can schedule an appointment, you need to sent your documents, to do so:

Drop off: Put your documents in an envelope, type your Full Name, Phone Number and E-mail Address. if you received the stimulus check (2020 or 2021) we will need the exact amount. you can drop off your documents at our office any time,.

Online: you can upload your document to our Client Portal, you can take a look to our tutorials. click here

• Once we have your documents, we will call you to schedule a phone call appointment.

• We will publish your income tax in our client portal or you can pickup your copy at our office

What is our "Due Diligence" and why you should know about it?



If you qualify for any credit related to your kids, college or even qualify for Head of Household filing status, be prepared for a more extensive questionnaire and request for documentation. If we, as tax professional, do not comply with our mandatory “due diligence”, we could be fine with thousands of dollars per return. Therefore, be ready for more questions and more documents to benefit from the various credits.

Our Services Fees will increase


This year we are implementing new features to comply with the IRS Requirements and make this tax season easier for everybody.

How do I sign my Tax Return?

• We are introducing eSignature for most of the client, if you qualify for eSignature you will get your Tax Copy by email with the instructions. This feature is powered by DocuSign.

• If you don't qualify for eSignature, you will get your tax return copy in our Client Portal at, Download, Print, Sign and send the Signature Pages using the same Client Portal.

•You can also sign your return copies the same day you pick up you tax return at our office

if you have any question in regards to the new eSignature Feature or using our Client Portal, we have assigned a support team to help you, send an email at or call our office and ask for Support

There is a new way you can pay your invoice online!


Starting January 15th 2019, your invoice will be sent to your e-mail with a "Review and pay" link. Just click the "Review and pay" button, you will be redirected to our Always Secure Payment Processor.

I need to Update my Credit Card


You can update your credit card information at

How to eSignature my tax return, (Watch Video)


Timeliness & Extension Requests


The timeliness of your cooperation is essential to our ability to complete your tax return.

Specifically, we must receive all information from which to prepare your returns within a reasonable period of time prior to the applicable filing deadline. Accordingly, if we do not receive information from you by 4/01/2019, it may be necessary for us to extend the due date of your return.

Any income tax balance due amounts must be estimated and paid by April 15, 2019 to avoid interest and penalties. All information required for us to calculate extension payment amounts must be received by April 1, 2019. If you do not notify us otherwise or if we do not receive the necessary information for your extension calculation by April 1, 2019, we will NOT automatically e-file your extension, you must send us and extension request by April 1, 2019

Please understand that we are unable to make exceptions to these deadlines.

How long I have to wait for my taxes to be done and filed?


With so many changes there are many scenarios to take into account to maximized your refund or minimized your tax liability. There also new information worksheets that we need to complete in reference with kids and college credits, and head of the household status. Thanks to government we need to do part of their job, and be a little bit invasive on people’s life to be sure that they are complying with the law. We, as preparers, are now exposed to thousands of dollars of penalties per return for not gathering the required information, this will increase the timing of process per return.

Most of the filing will take 3 days o more, we will give you an estimate returning day depending of your case, each case is different.

Keep in mind you have to help us to get all the information required as soon as you can, Don't wait for the last day!

I sent my documents, and I did not get a response, what should I do?


We get hundreds of email every day in Tax Season, some might be missed, lost, spam. if you are sending information and you don't get a response from us in the next 48 hours, please call the office.

I called your office and nobody answer


Please, if you call, leave a message and a brief description of your needs, and if you emailed and you did not get a response in 24 hours, call the office. It is tax season. We are working on improving and implementing ways to automatized certain task, but it takes time and collaboration from clients. We all get used to many things, As all of you know, we have a very personalized type of service, you always deal with pretty much the same of us, we do all the work, we don’t outsource, we keep your information safe.

How can I send my information or documents?


we provide you with any options to send your document:

  • By Mail: 5212 Kester Ave, Sherman Oaks, CA 91411
  • By Fax: 818 332 4167
  • Using our Client Portal: This is the bes option to keep all your documents organized in a same place, please Create or Login in to you MapTaxes Account at our click Login in the top menu of this page.
    If you need help creating our uploading your files please contact us and we will help you.
    If you cannot Login please re -active your account at or reset your password at

All invoices are due and payable upon presentation


Our fees for tax preparation services are based on the amount of time required at our standard billing rates plus out-of-pocket expenses. All invoices are due and payable upon presentation. Tax return will no be filed electronically until fees are paid.

Do you have kids that could be claimed in your taxes?


We need you to bring the following documentation for each child

As proof of relationship
= You must bring Birth Certificate ( per each child)

As proof of living with you for more than half of 2018 in US = You need to bring at least 2 or 3 of the below documents, they must cover more than six month, and have the address where you live shown on the documents.

  • School records or statement from school
  • Medical Records or Health Care provider statement
  • Child care Provider Records
  • Court Records
  • Adoption or Child Placement Documents
  • Landlord or Property Manager Statement
  • Social Service Record or Statements

Children age 19 but under age 24 at the end of 2018 and full-time students for any part of 5 calendar months during 2018

  • School records showing child's name, dates the child attended school during 2018.
  • School records showing the child was considered a full-time student for any part of five months of the year. does not to be consecutive.

Are you divorced or legally separated?


Remember to bring

  • Entire divorce decree, separation agreement

If still married but no living with spouse during the last 6 months of the year


Remember to bring documents verifying your spouse did not live with you, such as lease agreement, utility bills, letter from social services, etc.

Cost of Keeping up a Home test


Rent receipts, utility bills, grocery receipts, mortgage statement, and other household bills.

If you have the American Opportunity Credit (Collage Tuitions)


Remember to bring the following documents

  • Copy of Form 1098-T (Tuition Statement)
  • Proof of payment copies may be required
  • Proof of other expenses like books, supplies and related expenses

If you have your own business (self-employed)


Remember to bring

  • Business License
  • Forms 1099
  • Records of Income and Expenses
  • Bank Statements
  • You MUST have copy of your social security card (and spouse's s.s. card if married)

DEADLINE April 18th 2022

STOP!!!!!! Please Read!!!!

As of today, we DON'T have any more appointments available.

What's next?

  • We are offering to file an Extension on your behalf. If you would like to proceed, please call the office at 818 995 1027

  • Feel free to upload your documents anytime, but remember we will not be filing your taxes, Please Call the Office

  • If you already sent your documents and/or are in the process of filing your taxes, please click "Accept and Continue" to login into your account

Sorry for the inconvinance